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In The World Of Sharks T. Schaeffer

In The World Of Sharks

T. Schaeffer

Published April 11th 2004
Kindle Edition
230 pages
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 About the Book 

Take a nostalgic journey across time. Transverse two decades through the eyes of law enforcement professional and Senator Blaine M. Sanford. Experience his humble beginnings as a college student, a deputy sheriff and throughout his chosen career.Witness Sanfords manipulation of a tragic set of circumstances, which lead to his ascension through the ranks of command to ultimately assume the position of Sheriff. Travel with Sanford as he discovers the sinister cruel world that exists beyond the friendly smiling faces, marble buildings and the large oak doors of the Sheriffs Department.Discover the intricacies of a dark, powerful and corrupt administration that deploys at its discretion an arsenal of weapons including manipulation, threats and intimidation, prostitution and murder. See one mans dedication to right the injustice at the expense of his personal relationships.Sanford travels the high road from victim to redeemer to depression and facing overwhelming odds to preserve the friendships that will ultimately rescue him from obscurity. Savor his personal and professional triumphs, tragedies and the humorous situations that arise.Can justice prevail In The World Of Sharks?