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Social Mastery Made Simple Devra Ryker

Social Mastery Made Simple

Devra Ryker

Kindle Edition
202 pages
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 About the Book 

Many times, children and adolescents with learning disabilities (LD) also struggle with social challenges as well. They often sit on the sidelines and watch as life passes them by. Some students learn social skills much as a baby will come to naturally speak without being taught. There are many others who dont learn these skills naturally. They must be directly taught what they need to know! Social Mastery Made Simple brings on the social bling! Your student will never be the same. Once they know the rules, the world will make much better sense. They will learn to move seamlessly amidst their peers!Your student will learn all of the silent ways of communicating, and why non verbal skills are so essential to social success. They will learn the rules of meeting and introductions, as well as conversation skills. They will engage in a slow motion study in the art of making and keeping friends, including the three stages of a new friendship. A latter skill set exposes the world of unspoken rules, encompassing a myriad of social situations your student may encounter. They will also learn how to protect themselves from exploitation, sense the motives of others, and behave in ways that advertise themselves as being equal to their peers.In the final chapter, titled Social Disaster Parade, others share with your student their tales of woeful social mishaps! The final lesson? No one is immune to social angst. We are all much more equal than we think!Author, Devra Ryker is a former Special Education Childrens Advocate. She spent five years designing the SOMMS program while teaching and coaching the program to her son. The spectacular results are detailed in the books introduction.