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As Good as Gone: A Novel Larry Watson

As Good as Gone: A Novel

Larry Watson

ISBN : 9781616205713
400 pages
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 About the Book 

The American West is bestselling author Larry Watson’s forte, and he has created his most vivid, genuine antihero yet in Calvin Sidey, a man stuck in a myth.Calvin Sidey is a cowboy of the old-school, no-guff sort--steely, hardened, with his own personal code. Its the 1960s, and he’s living off the grid in a trailer on the prairie when his adult son, Bill, seeks his help. A mostly absentee father, and a virtual no-show as a grandfather, Calvin nevertheless agrees to stay with his grandchildren for a week. He decamps for his son’s house in the small town where he once was a mythic figure, and soon enough problems arise: a boy’s attentions to seventeen-year-old Ann are increasingly aggressive, and a group of reckless kids portend danger for eleven-year-old Will. Calvin only knows one way to solve a problem: the Old West way, in which scores are settled, ultimatums are issued, and your gun is always loaded. In the changing culture of the 1960s, Calvin isn’t just a relic, he’s a wild card and a threat.With the crisp, restrained prose for which Larry Watson is revered, As Good as Gone is moving without being sentimental, a powerful story of a man increasingly at odds with the world. This is Larry Watson at his best.