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Badge 13: Part 1 Lee Kohn

Badge 13: Part 1

Lee Kohn

Published June 19th 2006
Kindle Edition
292 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A man of wisdom once said to me, Lee- its better to have a great story and no grammar skills than great grammar skills and no story. So I took those words to heart and sat down to tell my story, not just of good and evil but a story of hidden kindness. This is the first book in a trilogy and will be followed by, Shadows of Rage and A Prayer for OMalley. So follow the life of a half Irish, half Italian, 30 year veteran Mobile police officer who has lost everything he holds dear to him and now has turned to alcohol and women to satisfy his longing for the answers. He lives in a world of his own and allows no one to enter without his approval and that is not easily obtained. He lives and upholds the law with wisdom and instinct and enforces it with his fist. Jake calls his successes and failures in life, The luck of the Irish. This book should unfold very much like a movie and thats because it was from a screenplay I had written a few years back. So sit down and enter a world that you might find very funny and very sad. Maybe in the process of reading this story youll reevaluate your way of thinking about law enforcement and remember this, The most beautiful part of an oak tree is the leaves and branches, but its life comes from the ugly root.