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No Good Deed Russel K. Stevens

No Good Deed

Russel K. Stevens

Published June 23rd 2013
Kindle Edition
60 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Project Retrial ensures the innocence of convicted felons facing the death row. Working for the organization is Robert Chase, who is involved in the controversial and momentous release of supposed murderer Nate Donley. However, moments after his success in freeing the man, Chaseis alerted to the death of a judge, a murdered colleague, suppressed evidence, mismatched DNA, and amidst it all, the recently exonerated Donley vanishes. It is race against time as Chase attempts to untangle a knotted family history and piece together the morass. However, his veryinvestigation is leading him closer and closer to his demise, and as he shifts through the tantalizing biological web, it becomes clear that the killer is still in the midst. Amid the corpses, blood and fragments of evidence, Chase discovers a crucial piece in the puzzle. Just as everything fits into place he is struck unconscious from behind. His biggest fear, however, is revealed when he awakes.